About Us

Fanshawe Pioneer Village is an early example of the museum type known as a “Pioneer Village,” initially developed in mid 20th century Ontario by Conservation Authorities.

Fanshawe Pioneer Village tells the story of rural communities in the former townships of Westminster, London, North Dorchester, Delaware, West Nissouri and Lobo in Middlesex County from 1820 to 1920 and the founding and development of the City of London up to 1840.

Fanshawe Pioneer Village is owned and operated by the not-for-profit charity known as the London and Middlesex Heritage Museum with the support of the City of London, the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, the Municipality of Thames Centre and the Municipality of Middlesex Centre.

Our Vision

Fanshawe Pioneer Village is an interactive museum that engages the community in the preservation and presentation of the past through living history experiences.

Our Mission

Fanshawe Pioneer Village will partner with the community to educate about the past, collect and preserve local history and accurately interpret one century of time from 1820 – 1920.

Our Values

Integrity: Fanshawe Pioneer Village ethically and accurately interprets community life in the past.

Public Benefit: Cultural resources are held in trust for the enjoyment, understanding and appreciation of future generations.

Visitor Satisfaction: Fanshawe Pioneer Village strives to provide visitors with an experience of the past that is accurate, authentic, enjoyable and educational.

Working, Living, and Learning Environment: Fanshawe Pioneer Village provides a safe and secure site for visitors, staff and volunteers and ensures ethical treatment of animals and responsible stewardship of the land.  Fanshawe Pioneer Village will create a learning environment to educate about the past.

Respect: We believe that all people should be treated equally and with respect and compassion.  Fanshawe Pioneer Village aims to be accessible to all.

Community Involvement: Fanshawe Pioneer Village provides opportunities for volunteers to become involved in their history.

Stability/Accountability: Fanshawe Pioneer Village plans for the future to ensure stability of the organization, relevance to its community and balance between the functions of preservation and education.