There is something magical about Fanshawe Pioneer Village! It could be the way you step back in time and experience life as it was in the 19th century. Maybe it’s the discovery that a visit here teaches you about both the past and present; the impact the history of this region had on the fabric of Canada; how far we’ve come in a short time; and the experience of leaving everything behind to make a new home in new land. Perhaps because it’s great family fun!

Ways to Donate

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Donate an Artifact

If you're interested in donating an artifact to our museum collection please email us.

In order to determine if donations are appropriate to the collection, curatorial staff and the FPV Planning Committee meet monthly to carefully assess each offer according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance to Mandate – object must date from between 1790 and 1920, or 1950 if it is an agricultural artifact ; Directly relevant to current research, exhibition or interpretation programs
  • Provenance - artifacts used or likely to have been used in London and/or Middlesex County; Represents an aspect of London and/or Middlesex County history currently not represented in the collection
  • Documentation – consideration will be given to objects with contextual information, provenance and details on fabrication and function of an object
  • Condition - objects in poor condition will not be accepted unless they are rare or unique
  • Duplication – objects that duplicate artifacts already housed in the collection will not be accepted, unless they are of better quality or condition

Donations are considered on a monthly basis. Object(s) also may be considered for Fanshawe Pioneer Village’s hands-on collection if appropriate. The hands-on collection is used for historical demonstrations and educational programs. In this way, children and museum visitors are given the opportunity to see artifacts being used in their historical context.

If a donation is ultimately accepted into the collections at Fanshawe Pioneer Village, a gift form will be forwarded for the donor to sign and transfer ownership to Fanshawe Pioneer Village.

If Fanshawe Pioneer Village is unable to accept your donation, we will attempt to refer you to another museum or institution whose mission is more closely related to your objects. Thank you for your interest in keeping the History of London & Middlesex County alive!

The Future of Fanshawe Pioneer Village

The Historic Storefronts Project

Our original collection of Storefronts at Fanshawe Pioneer Village were reconstructed from authentic materials by founding curator Wilfrid Jury from 1960-1961 to exhibit the Rigney Harness Shop Collection, the Soper Gunshop collection and a collection of barbershop and millinery artifacts.  Unfortunately, the Storefronts have been closed to the public since 2003, due to severe deterioration of the roof. They were dismantled in 2010 to permit the planting of an indigenous maple beech forest. They are one of the most missed attractions at the Village. 

Rebuilding the Storefronts at Fanshawe Pioneer Village will:  

  • Expand our education and public programs
  •  Provide a safe and stable building to display key artifact collections to the public 
  • Provide a fully accessible board walk  to our visitors
  • Provide new volunteer opportunities in our community

Fanshawe Pioneer Village is currently fundraising to recreate the Historical Store Fronts. The Store Fronts will present a turn of the century tinsmith, millinery and shoemaker-harness repair shop. Make a donation today to  support this important project!