Museum at Home

Looking for heritage activities to try, or want to explore Fanshawe Pioneer Village from home or school? Here are some examples for you to enjoy!


Did you know that Fanshawe Pioneer Village now has a Youtube Channel? Find craft ideas, stories about our buildings, and more all in one place!

Visit our YouTube Channel for full access to the series.

Family Day Pageant

Pageants are a wonderful way to socialize, share your talents, and entertain one another– they were also very popular throughout the 19th and early 20th century. We encourage you to host your own pageant at home or online with family you cannot be with in-person.

For Family Day 2021 we pulled together our own Digital Family Day Pageant to share the talents and passions of some members of the Village Family.

Make a Ball and Cup Toy

Stories of Caverhill Woodworking Shop

Make a Yarn Doll

Make a Parchment Paper Lantern

Stories of Alder’s Weaving Shed

Fanshawe 360 Experience

Explore some of our most popular buildings and visit the upper floors of the homes in the Village.

How Victorian Are We Anyways?


Today we look a little further back to the early settlers and colonial period and chat about minimalism, tiny homes, and capsule wardrobes. Though they weren’t necessarily minimalist by choice, they were in practice– at least for a little while.

Gym Culture

Did you know that gym culture was “a thing” in the Victorian era? The Victorian fitness craze might have gotten its start with the publication of “British Manly Exercises” in 1837.


Try these museum and pioneer inspired activities at home or school.


Easy Homemade Sourdough Bread

Darn a Sock

Cursive Writting

Hunt the Thimble

Cat’s Cradle History

Cat’s Cradle How To

Cabinet of Curiosities